Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7:40 & 7:41

They were cute,as bright as stars
all cuddled them,happy to see their jewels
holding each others hands and moving swiftly
jewls of two different kinds,absolutely varied kinds
but pure and bright,they were

crossed wonderfull 18 steps with and without hurdles
thinking of it,brings a gosh feeling in her
but she is proud of it..
they fought,they screamed,they cried
they laughed,they played,they smiled
they were together all tym,
a thing tht rarely happens-their birthdays
as cherishing as they were

they parted into two different streams,
they liked it,but they missed it,
they din know to express,but they felt it in,
they understood each other even more,but they
cud not share as they were miles apart
as far as they were

they still love,they still fight,
they still cry,they still smile,
they still mock,they still miss,
what a blend,a blend of antonym
yeah,they were indeed ....
The true gems...!!!

7:40&7:41.......the tym tht i can never forget...love you....and wish we were together....

self written...

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