Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I saw him,he looked bright and clear
wondering how he could jus be like tht
he smiled and waved as i did
i could not control but to stare
i was moved

he turned,the look of him
ah gosh...cud not jus say
but it stayed right there
he followed,he moved forward
leaving me behind

then he came backwards leaving me in front
he din walk beside me...don know why
i thought of asking him,but never did!
he was always there for me
i was moved....

i could not touch,i cud feel
i was happy but sad too
i turned to see him he was not there
but he was actually there
i was moved....

the long road with no one
but he and i,i saw him on the
moon's reflection,he was right behind me
exactly like me,as clear as he cud
i was jus moved...

but i later found out tht it was
my very own shadow
i stood stunned,but still he looked
good anyways and i moved...
leaving him behind me forever..!

self written..

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