Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your always there for me!

You are always there for me...ah here u come you said...i was tired,even u were equally asked me about my day,then smiled at me...i din see it..but u did!!you were unconditionally there for love me so much, just that u don have tym to say...u are busy,but u wud get a break,a break which is luxurious...
you raised me up so that i could climb the made me lie on ur chest so that i could forget all sadness,i am strong now....i understand you...when i am low, u just pacify me by holding my hand and giving me a are are just you,you are look amazing,....i have never told you all this but yes you are one...i am sure you would read this one day and get it...
I always want you to be there with me,and i want u to understand that no matter what happens,i will always be there to support you....i love you!


  1. :) good one... liked it... ur styles different.. I try the rhythm a lot... I don lose the meaning though