Sunday, August 2, 2009

who cares..

who cares which N school ppl join?

who cares what ppl think abt me even though i have not made into the top 2 N school

who cares which friend of mine joined which law school?

who cares whether i have luck or not?

who cares whether which N school gets max pay package?

who cares if i wud sit for my college placement or not?

who cares whether Nalsar has awsome infrastructure?

who cares whether Nlsiu came all india rank beating Nalsar?

who cares how much i know from Gre?

who cares if i am not selected for national moots this time?

trust me ..answers to these question are still to be answered..but i know the solution to all this lies when i really show up..the days are very close..time has come and the wheel doesnt spin one side,the coin doesn fall on the same i am:)

lit up my little lamp
the time has come to crack
we are no more here to cramp
you tiny shinning glow
you are to put up a show
the path has become green
so no more u are here to lean
for all the effforts u took to glow
despite the harsh wind blows
you tiny little lamp u still can glow
lit my tiny little lamp to glow...
(self written poem[copyright reserved])