Monday, November 30, 2009

One light speaks more:)

When i talk to her, i see the air freshen up,
the sky clearing its way out,
the butterflies dancing,
her tear drop heals the living beings,
the glare from her teeth, blinds all hearts,

her curls entangle me with love,
her smile melts all the hearts,
her ears hear the hearts of the others,
her pat on others extinguishes the evil in them,
her tongue wraps me with enlightenment,
her legs make ppl bend and seek her blessings,

My heart pounds, leaps and flies by
when she conquers my thoughts,
when she conquers my sanctum,
when she conquers my weakness,
My heart projects zillions of impulses

she has encroached and stomped my heart
and its bleeding the essence of oneness with her,
with the intense luminosity and reverberant ecstasy
when she in my frame of view,
i perspire out negativeness and
forget ferociousnes and hence beach and
sanitize my inner being and
will never be a visitant anymore..

that dream, that SHE :)