Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aquarians n you!

This is just an imagination, resemblance to any character is purely coincidental..

*chuckles*, *side glances*, *restricted smiles*-- whats all this? well... we call it "Admissions" for colleges.New people, new groups, new place.I see shades of all colors walking beside me.Tall, short, fat,thin all people, everywhere.The Legal school welcomes you.We are assembled here to accomplish things...i look with suspicion accomplish?..n turn to my mom, what the hell?? i just gave my 12th, gave my law entrances what more to accomplish?...i need a break momma....i screak..

well, just listen you shall have ur squawking sessions later on...came from her side..slowly people come inside the alloted room for a group intro.No face is familiar, not even one.I see if i am blissed to catch any diaper buddy so that we could make plans for bunking sessions,and the chain of events that would come along with it.But apparently none at least till the reach of my eyes is there.

"chumma kellu"- a voice came from some random corner of the room, and i jus ignored it at the first instance,then my cerebral nerves tried hard to put my senses back saying"well my dear ur not in chennai or some place, here people don speak tamil".One of my five senses,my eyes frantically started searching for the voice and its owner.Then aftermath of admissions, a quick check to see if my name features in the hostel list, much to my surprise it did.So royally i moved my arse to my room, and waited impatiently for my clan mates.

We could not see our manushas here, my mom said skimming through my documents..Again few steps i could here, and we have avantika hariharan and family, and akriti goel's family. Ohh hi, we introduced each other.Simple nods, smiles and hand shakes by all folks.I barely looked at all the people.I just put my bag and my suitcase and took a stroll to see th college.IIT chennai looks likes this, my grandad.Apparently, in a tamil brahmin's family,its like a ritual to take the entire family for something like an admission too.You know your uncles are pass outs from IIT.To study in institutes like this, you should be blessed.But you see grandad, the college deserves students like me with grades ranging from 90 to 98 percent.So infact the college is blessed to have me ryt? i pause.I went to college by bus. We walked miles n kilometers ma, so use th given opportunity, life once gone will never come back- patented by my dad.Ever since i know words like" life","opportunity" i have been hearing this.

I hit my hostel, my parents were leaving.So 18 years they brought me up like th hutch dog, and they don expect me to even be emotional.But i could not, so i just washed my eyes with my own tears for few hours even after they left.So was th hariharan n th goel's family kids.Time is nine.Dinner time some one says in the corridor.I don want to go,but if i dont i cant jus sneak into the hostell kitchen and take the peanut butter or tooty fruty jellies like i do always at home.So i sighed and woke up to wash my face and get to the dinner hall.

Queue with a tumbler,plate,spoon.Rotti,dhal,kitchdi for today.I approach the counter, rotti- the elastic sheet, dhal-the yellow liquid,and kitchdi-some randomnly picked small jellies,i said it to myself.The getting to know each other just then started, so we all were introducing and reintroducing,bringing as many links as possible through various national wide competition references.Finally everything closed, i just made my bed and proceeded to hit the bed, and look forward for the first day in college.

The First night without wishing goodnight to parents, folks, sister,felt pathetic, but still i managed.Wished avantika and akriti night wishes and hit the bed.

to be continued...