Friday, October 8, 2010

The uninterrupted.

One step further and i know i would be gone. Something like another step to death may be. All that i remember was, i ran a lot, a lot with a hope to re live my lost life, and there i stood in front of the great canyon. Oh lord! How would it be, if you were to die, with out living that last part of your life, the way you want to. Yes, its very uncanny. It was like i am going back to the sky. I slipped my hands out of the window to feel the snow. I ran down, across my living room. I nibbled some cheese and took a luxurious walk in the kitchen floor. It was annoyingly freezing, barely anything left to eat. I cursed the folks in the house and comfortably slept next to the window.

I woke up in a shocking state. Now what's that. Zilch was'n home. He went for a walk. I came down sleepy eyed. I saw a vaguely dark grey thing. Now what is THAT or may be a human, doing near my door? He came closer, closer, as if i am going to get disappeared in his misty eyes. Eee.rr. Who are you?, i asked rubbing my eyes. Now his satanical looks bought the crap out of me. I ran out side to cry for help. Ii turned back and the demon was standing beside me. Oh no. Die. Die. I screamed and ran to hide myself from the life eating grey stuff.

Zilch i squalled. Now i reassured, he still has not turned up home. So its time for me to save my ass myself. Phew, so many thoughts gushed in to mind, as i ran breathlessly. He ran after me. One stop, and i would be his prey. I cant stop, i am not supposed to die, i have so many things to do. The left out cheese in the fridge, my first crush, the kitchen, Oh thoughts after thoughts.

Now who is this life sucking grey moron after my life. What does he know about me? he cannot take my life like that. I am still too young to be murdered. Will he sell me? or take me for ransom, will my parents have enough money to get me back from him, if at all he takes me?
I stumbled, i was too tired to run now. I dived, i ran after my life so much until i stopped before this big canyon that stinked bad. Ok, i urged myself to do that big jump. The one i have never done so far, i turned back to see one last time the cheese piece, the kitchen floor, thought of zilch and the grey thing ravenously racing behind me.

I closed my eyes, i did the big jump. All that i remember after that was some one splashing water on my face. Ugh! i got up, and i found my mom staring at me. Phew, got up, saw outside the house. No snow fall but a bright sun beaming through the sand glass on my table. No cheese pieces, no grey thing, and oh yeh the great canyon was my kitchen sink(yes that stinks sometimes), and zilch, my pet dog was back home after his morning walk.

And, i was a rat?. And the grey thing was the cat, which annoyed me last summer by howling all time, so i sprayed perfume into its eyes. :-| * true story*

Dreams, i tell you!

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