Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The musings of a girl.

I am tired of writing on varied topics that strike me when i travel, wen I eat and ofcourse when I walk. Now, for a change i have decided to see in to what goes in to my life, and put it down in words. This might infact give me an idea as to how lame things have been, and how awsome things could be. I am writing this note cos i am basically frustrated, worn out, and brain constipated. Yeh. yeh, the very same musing of a girl, you might think. But hell I don care.

So, I got up at around 10 in the morning, Sunday. If it had been home, then the scene would have been different. I would ve loved and hated the scene at the same time. what would be the scene, you ask. Yes, I shall tell you. It would have been
something like this.

Thatha...Enna mani, ipidi yaravathu thoonguva? Kumbakarnam mathiri?
(Translation: Is this the time to get up? Is this the way some one sleeps? Like a Kumbkarna? ) Kumbakarna was some guy who used to eat and sleep and do nothing else. What life it must have been? SIGH. Anyway.

Wiping my eyes, and scolding thatha in my mind.
Onaku enga enoda kazhtam puriya porthu? Manaseee seriyala. Ena vazhkai yo! po.
( what do u know about my problems? you wont even understand. Whta life is this? Shux!)

My family, is a well, nuclear, not really, but yeh u can say so. I have 2 thatha, pattis. (2 grand mom grand dad.) Appa, who makes as much fun of me at all times irrespective of my mood swings, which ranges from saying bye when I say hi, and saying Odamba pathu Ko when he comes to visit me in Pune with that i-am-going-to-leave-you-alone-now look.(Take care of ur health), when i don want him to tell that.But yah apart from that, yes he is a jovial, adorable lil kid wholoves to get things for all and puts for having got any for himself. So cute, aint it?;) His best all time liners would be.

Subhashree, nee pune la irukara purpose eh vera, athunala, chumma ooru suthama, nana padi ma, avalavuthan solluven.
(By now you should atleast know, he is adressing that line to me. It says, Subhashree, the purpose for which you are in Pune is different. So don roam about and study well. Thats all.)

Yeenma, ivlo watch vechundu iruka? Nalaan, 12th padikum pothu kuda, pakathathu mam kittenthu thaan watch vangindu poven.
(Why do ve so many watches? I used to borrow my neighbours watch when I was in 12th)

Basically, atleast according to my observations, in a tam brahm family, the eldest member starts a story like this and the entire chain follows that. They compare this generation lives to their 12th /PUC or final year college life. Gosh, they potray such drama in their teenage. Hate. I say this generation, which means kutti chevura irukara pasangal only included. (Useless fellows)

Now Amma, a must say tamil iyer inside but a gethu corpo woman outside. One hell of a woman, who can get the tiniest nerve out of my body, and showers all the love to her beloved daughters. And that would be me, obviously and my twin sister.(about My twin, give me sometime. She is another one, to talk on for hours. Phew!) Amma is extreme. She might cry for a cute father-daughter story that has an uncanny resemblance to her life(witnessed a lot of times) to beat you up for not obeying her(experienced) and making awesome thakali rasam(tomato rasam) *rasam = watery substance that tastes AWSOME, which you have it with hot rice and papad*

Ofcourse like appa, amma also has her own share of best liners. They would be:

Enna mo Panuma, vara vara lawyer ku padikaren nu ethuthu pesha kathunduta
(Do whatever you want to. Now a days, you have started arguing a lot)

and well, Daughter-mother talks always have arguements and best liners. Lol. :D

Now Jaichu, My twin sister. My better Half. My Ore thangachi.
Typical sister of a tam brahm family. Pottu kuduthal(bithcing about me to mom), velai vanguthal(demands work), Thirutu thanamaga clothes suduthal(stole my kurti's).
But what is life without all this masala? We are hard core men inside when it comes to real fight. A mini WWE. And samathu pen kuzhandai's(Adorable girl kids) to outsiders :P. Decent student, good singer like me. Timiruness(attitude) most of the times atleast to me, silent, reserved, big time shopoholic.

Her best liners would be:
Forget it dee.
Enna subha? evlo tharava solaren fan podatha nu.
(what subha, how many times have i told you not to switch the fan on?)

And Thatha's Patti's...Well they are adorable, lovely, orthodox which is non acceptabe as well as cute in theri own ways!
In toto, Anyway, i miss this beautiful home:(


  1. Hmmmm tooo good Subashree....
    Hmmm Keep postin ... :)
    Did u r Sister read dis ;)

  2. awesome stuff.......reminded me of my home......tears rolling down...;)

  3. @cutepirate: Thanks. :) Nah she ll kill me, i guess:P

    @sruthi: Thankss:)