Saturday, May 21, 2011

The other end of stupidity

Welcome to facebook,

Log on--> Home page---> scroll down, scroll, scrrool, scrr, sc,(bored.

AAA has friend requested you.

I go check the profile. No mutual friends. Photos barred from viewing.

Info page

Name : AAA

College/Education : Ramachandra Art & Science college

Likes: Dan Brow, Idli, Staring the roof, Jumping while it rains (:D What a nut crack he is)

Dislike: Hurting others, Flirting, etc etc.

Sports: Sky diving, Gymnastic, table tennis

Music: Metal, progressive, disco, metallica. All english bands

Interested in : Humans

Languages known : Tamil, German, Spanish, Norwegian, almost most of the languages.

Philosophy : I will rule the world soon.

Favorite quotes : All that glitters are not gold.

Relationship status : Single

Sex : Male (duh, I have a male name, cant u see!)

Okay, who is he?




How do you know me?




Through your profile


Me : Ugh (What a genius you are!) Wow.

AAA: Really?

Me: :O ofcourse ya, tell me the truth, did u give ur chemistry paper to Neil bohr?

AAA: Heyy, who is he?:)

Me: Oh, you don know him? He is my uncle's friend.

AAA: what pa, how will i know ur uncle's friend?

ME: Point. See, i told you, you are so brilliant ya! (laughs at his stupidity)

AAA: Heyy, can i make friendship with you?

Me: Sorry, I don befriend strangers

AAA: Befriend na? what ya?

Me: Make friendship

AAA: why ya? come on, i am not a stranger now na pa?

Me: (Now na pa, wow sounds so musical) Well, of course you are a stranger. anyway sorry. bye

AAA: I know ur uncle's friend also now, that means we are friends na?

Me: Who is my uncle's friend?

AAA: Neil bohr. You told pa.

Me: LOL. Yeah yeah. Sorry. Just becuase you know Neil bohr i cant be friends with you.

AAA: Then tell more about you pa. What do u like. Ur hobbies. I want to know more about you pa.

Me: Not interested bye.

AAA: Why pa? Chemistry working out na well? We can be friends pa.



Friend request page

AAA Not now Confirm Delete Request

(Duh, Delete request)

Few days later,

AAA: Hey why pa? you deleted my request?

Me: Hey don disturb me.

AAA: Come on, :( You hurt me.

Me: (Decides to play along) alright, so tell me, you know so many languages? You know even Norwegian. So cool.

AAA: Heyyy, no pa. I was typing all alphabets out and put the ones that sounded cool.

Me: :O (Doesn reply)

AAA: heyyy, tell me about you ya, what u dng?

Me: doesn answer the question. Requestions.
What about music interest? I see youlike Metallica. Nice

AAA: No pa, I don know english music. I am write now hearing to paravai muniyama song. You like her pa?

Me: Wow. Yeah i like her songs too. (and stares at "write")

AAA: See pa, i no, chemistry working pa. Heyy u watch manada mayil ada?

Me: :| Doesn reply..btw, u read dan brown? Which book of his you loved?

AAA: I went through the cover pa. I liked the last book cover. It looked nice compared to other books.

Me: (:| Facepalm). Decides to block

AAA: Hey pa, I frend req again. Don del ok va?


Sometimes, we feel we are not cared, we are stupid, we are bored.

And when we see people like this...we just cant stop laughing.

The other end of stupidty always continues to keep us on a reality check, always and forever.


I stare at his info page one last time, laugh out loud.