Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You know road manners ah?

If you know road manners then why you are crossing the rail way track when the gate is put? You think it shows your heroism? FYI, It doesn. It shows how stupid you are.

You don get me. After reading this, tell me how many of you have done the same way as I have written.

29th May 2011.

I and my dad waiting for the railway gate to be taken for us to go. Oh, I was going for a school re union. I was all happy and dressed up well. One mistake was I din go by car and I went with my dad in a 2 wheeler.

As a result, I have to see this stupid man and as a result I am made to write this note.Have you ever stood in a railway gate with your two wheeler. It is so shitty i say. Because, this side you are waiting with your fellow passengers. And there the other side also people will be waiting for the gate to be taken and to sped their wheelers. But the stupid and the funny thing is, if you keenly see, both sides, generally people shud leave one way gap. Both sides, people should park their wheelers in the left side, so there is way for the opposite side wheelers to go, once the gate is taken.
But what do you stupid people do. You stretch to the entire space like a tsunami and stand like warriors with rough faces and with your wheelers on and making that bullet sound, leaving so much dusts . Why? You want to show, you have so much petrol? And simply you will horn. Why? You want to show you can horn? Such scene. Waste fellows. You can shut up and switch off ur bikes and wait for the train to pass no? but you wont. You will stand this way as if you are going to charge the other side once the gate is opened. If we ask you, you will say, I am in a hurry, what you know. Fool, if you stand this way, how will the opposite wheelers will come? what they will jump on top of you like how they show in movies and go or what?
Without understanding this, you will stay and then create traffic. Now, you will be pissed more and horn more with that bullet sound also. Waste of petrol and noise pollution. And when you go to ur wife's side (In-laws)place, you will put scene. "Yes sir, India can never improve". "You should see Belgium, China, whattaay place sir watttay place. Chanceless". Indirectly creating jealousy to your in-laws, that ou went to Belgium and china without them. Fool, in foreign, people wont do like what you do here. They know road manners. You will talk as if you know road manners. If you know, then why are you doing this way here?

Anyway, that day, when I was standing in the railway gate. This guy walks in between from the opposite side with cigar in his mouth. His both hands were busy holding some bags. So only support for the cigar is his dirty black lips. I keenly watched him and was laughing at his stupidity while I was muttering the same to my dad. Don know what happened. That guy comes to us, and says, I know it is illegal to do this. But what to do. The train is not coming, thats why instead of standing simply, I thought I ll cross. And cheapishly laughs at his defense. He thought he is like a Ram Jethmalani to have won the case. Oh so if you simply stand means, you will cross railway gate ah? On top of it, he also says, you know sir? Yesterday also the train din come at all, while I was crossing the same way, one guy fainted as he waited for the gate to be removed. :-\. My son is waiting the other side for me to cross carefully, and you know, I am carrying these bags and leaving my son on the other side to walk freely. You thought we will say "Whattay an idea sirji"?.
Stupid guy. If police arrests you tomo if you try crossing the gate, who will walk you off free from the Police station?

You might think, I am talking this way because I am irritated standing with my two wheeler in the hot sun. And you ll go home, and talk bad about India. When will you realize you were wrong? god only knows.

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