Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Aie, How do i pedal if u ride this fast", she grimaced, as he stood there with his little cycle. My eyes which was continuously facing the Accounts sheet, looked up for a moment when i heard her saying it. She stood there with tears and they left after sometime. Some entertainment is better than nothing, i smiled at them from my balcony and left inside.

Next day, again she tried moving th cycle as slowly as she could while he glided as rocket through the widened, faded and deserted streets. She stood in front of my house gate, leaving her cycle down and watching him waft. She watched for few minutes, then " Mmmm..Mom, asked you to teach me, do u remember that?" she pouted. He stopped beside her, took her cycle, parked his near the gate. "Look how i pedal and you do the same, alright?", he dictated.

Two days he tried showing her patiently as to how to pedal. He no longer quickly twisted his cycle at the ends of the road and created that fine dust. He slowly moved the cycle just for her, but it did not help her. She could not pedal, she took one step and she fell the next minute, scratching her small hands. I was so curious to see what he would do next. He never lost hope, he smiled at the poor thing, made her sit on the cycle, he held her cycle from behind. She turned and warned him never to leave the cycle. He vowed. She moved few steps now, "much better unlike before, come on u can do it", he shouted. She got down, they hi five-ed. Today, i saw her gliding as gracefully as she can in the very same faded streets but she never pouted, she smiled graciously, while he rode beside her. Looked cute!

Forever and always, to those Cute things:)