Thursday, September 1, 2011

Savored Memoirs!

Leonardo Da Vicni said “Our life is made by the death of others”. It is true in every sense, at least in my part of the story. Just when I thought I had none to look up to, none to talk to, and none to hear me out, he was there standing, waiting, on the other side with arms wide open, embracing every moment of my life.
I miss being with him every single day, seeing myself grow with him. Tears.Smile.Hug.What haven we shared? There were days when I used to happily return back after school, just to whisper into his ears how beautiful the day passed by. Some days, I whispered the story behind my teary eyes and he embraced me like a best friend.

Sometimes, all of us wish to have a friend who could just know what we are going through, who could just pull out a smile from the melancholic face and well that one friend generally remains as a wish and never shows up in reality. But I was lucky, I must say. To the others, I liked being alone. But for me, he was there all the time, during the cold winter nights, during the bright sunny days, when my favorite pen stand broke and when I could not make it to my favorite band, I just took a walk down to my park, stood next to him, and stared right in to his eyes and he understood me so well, and boom, I felt better. May be because, he never judged me like the school kids.

Few friends are chatty, some are silent, reserved and some would just be a bad mouth. I never had any complaints about him. He was a good listener, looking at him would make me feel so blessed and I whispered when I was bored staring at him. We shared some sort of eye to eye telepathic conversations that only us could understand. And the best thing was, he never asked me back anything, he never wanted me to hear him out. He waved in air with his gorgeous arms and just let me be.
It is said, it’s hard to get friends who last for lifetime. But I always thought I had one, until, one day, when I returned from school, he was gone. I went down to the park and there was a garage, replacing him, (the coconut tree) who stood there for me every time. And today, he was gone like that. But this time, I held back my tears. I could not cry, for people might think I was crazy. But every time when I think about him, the days when he embraced me and no one did, makes me feel good that I too had a life lasting friend and someday, one day, I could plant one more when I grow old and motionless.

I was taught in school that nature takes care of u if u take care of it; that nature is good, that nature always gives you, and if u believe in nature it will make u feel good. It did all that they taught in moral science period. But I learnt in the EVS class that one should protect trees and that if we don’t it would glad to ecological imbalance and people would go starving. As, I write this piece, I wonder if anybody learnt EVS at all, because, he was cut down to built a garage which they could have built in another place. Or, maybe this is what is meant by “Our life is made by the death of others”?
Sometimes the best memories in life are savored to pass it over to the generation that comes. And this is one such memoir!