Saturday, March 24, 2012

The unknown india!

Just for others who do not know me, I am an Indian. Don be curious and ponder why am I talking about my background, and what relevance does it stand for this post anyway. Indians who talk shit about India or talk about how polluted and nonsensical it is, have absolutely not lived their life in India. All of you, including myself at some point who thought India is all about garbage, mindless idiots and extremely corrupt nonpunctual people are so untrue and got all of it totally wrong. Either you have lived in a glass mansion all your live and feared to take a long walk in the blissful evening filled with all sorts of noises right from- the random chuck-chuck guys leaving enormous dusts; the melodious music from the far away temple; the birds from the huge banyan tree under which oldies take pleasure sitting and having a chat.

This is the India. India is JUST not about children begging around with poverty all around. We are happy colourful people. We like it this way. We don leave our parents even if we are 80 yrs old. We love them more than anything. We don want to leave our country and go somewhere else to live our old age home. This is our home. Look around for yourselves: The magnificent Taj Mahal that shows what love is; the Gate Way of India showing- what bravery is; the different cultures and temples to show the colours; the smiles, the happiness and above all the unity and our flag to show what freedom really is.

We WILL be curious to know what happened to the random Singh, Kapoor and Patel who live in the corner house in our streets. We will be inquisitive to know who is moving in to our neighbourhood and take offence if they don welcome us to their house once they get settled. This is the India I know. You ask me if Indians are cheap and have an accent and that they are so nasty; do not expect me to nod my head and say yes. I will give you a weird look and pretend like I do not know what you are talking about. Every country has a bad face/side. We people see you for what you are and not what you were.

This India, this colour; the smiles - you cannot miss it and its worth living for.


  1. AAhh nice post! :)
    I love the last part. " I will give you a weird look and pretend like I do not know what you are talking about"

  2. Sorry, I am just seeing your comment. Many thanks :)